published 2013 March

This post from 2013 was migrated from my old blog.

(that makes sense, doesn't it?)

I've been wanting to maintain (maintain, not have) a blog for a long time. I've had many before, but none ever had more than a few posts, mostly meaningless, on them before I called it quits. Over and over again, I've set new ones up, dedicating myself to keeping them active, but the result always turns out the same. My (once more) renewed motivation to set up and continually maintain a blog has been fueled by the dream of having a voice on the internet, whether it has little or great influence. This blog is my solution to that desire.

So, now that that's over with...

There's this little thing I've been reading about called network neutrality. Apparently, internet service providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T are purposefully slowing or blocking access to certain websites and internet-dependable programs to lower these programs' creators' reputations. For instance, AT&T may slow their customers' connections with Google to imply that Google is a slow search engine, which causes said customers to use other search engines, such as the one belonging to the ISP (Yahoo in this case) or other companies who are paying AT&T to go through this process.

This little thing I mentioned earlier called net neutrality is the idea that users should be able to connect to any server they wish without ISP-caused connection slows or blocks. Internet users are banding together to ensure a neutrality among the internet. Head over to to find out what you can do to help, including signing the petition. Each signature counts and is automatically sent to your Members of Congress.