This page is in the form of Abby Falik's user guide and inspired by Dina Levitan's user guide.

User Guide

This page describes things I value at work. This is descriptive of me, not prescriptive to you; treat it as a set of FYIs, not requirements. Use or ignore at your discretion, and share your own guide with me!

Communication Style

  1. Succinct: The more people who will read what I'm writing, the higher the cost/benefit of spending time honing it. For widespread pieces, 90% of my time is spent editing. More, even more
  2. Trusting: Coordination is slow. Once we agree on a vision, it's easier if we trust and authorize each other to make decisions in motion, rather than blocking on consensus. We can continue to share progress in nonblocking ways.
  3. Asynchronous: A 30-second interruption sets me back 30 minutesit's just how my brain works. To minimize this I like to default conversations to async mediums like tickets, pull requests, and screen recordings. More
  4. Ticket-associated: As a forgetful person I love single-origin paper trails. I practice inbox zero so pinging me in a ticket is a more reliable way to reach me than Slack.
  5. Customer-focused: Even if a solution "feels right" be prepared for me to ask what customer problem it solves.
  6. Sometimes synchronous: Async communication has its limits. If things are getting heated, misunderstood, or blocked, throw a meeting on my calendar or pop in.
  7. Feedback-heavy: I love unprompted feedback. As a person with autism I particularly value feedback that helps me improve socially. We all feel it's awkward to give feedback and I think that is dumb and you should help me break that norm.