published 2023 December


Every December, I challenge myself to concentrate the harvest of photos I take during the calendar yeareach year's more bountiful than the last'sinto a dense 13-photo album.

I've just selected and published the photos from 2023. See them at photos.html.

My photography gear this year has been the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III with the 14150mm ƒ4.0 as my everyday carry / daytime lens, and the 17mm, 25mm, and 45mm ƒ1.8 lenses for low-light.


In 2023, Summer and I were fortunate enough to go to France, Japan, and China.

I've never been a traveler. I bond with this style:

I spend most of the day psyching myself up to do one thingvisit a museum, perhapsand the rest of the day recovering from the only event on my itinerary.

John Green, The Anthropocene Reviewed

So it was not entirely surprising to discover this year that Summer and I enjoy spending 47 days in one city and dwelling, with at least half of those days planless, then going home.

Interior Design

I continue my interior design hobby in the background, but improvement comes slowly. I discovered Sweet Home 3D this year, which has helped me visualize options quickly. I've learned to not be picky about furniture visualizations.

We expect to move in 2024, so I have been playing around with ideas. I hope to share more later in the year.